Jamaican artist, Richard Atkinson, was born  October 1970 in the parish of St. Thomas.  As an artist and a trained Graphic Art Illustrator he learned the basic principle of art in several institutions in Jamaica, one of the institution is (Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMC)) he continued developing his skills through career opportunities as a sign artist and illustrator.

 Today, Richard Atkinson is an acclaimed "master in papier mache art and puppetry.” Through perseverance and diligence, his work has won him several medals in Jamaica National festivals 1999-2002 as well as the coveted “Best Hand Crafted Product” at the 2002 Gift & Art Show in Grenada. His artistic expression through the papier mache medium has taken him to select group shows throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

 Two of the highlights of his career is to have his exhibit entitled "Symphony" mounted at the exclusive Pegasus Gallery in Jamaica and the NYC Art Festival 2005 at the Javits Center NY.  What does the future promise for this talented artist? The sky is the limit!

Artist Statement:

 My artwork is a way of telling stories about people -- relating optimism, introspection, innocence, wisdom, grace, happiness and complexity. It also speaks about me and how I read the world and the people in it. More than just a likeness, art is my interpretation of unique individuals using the language of sculpture. Richard is now residing in NY and he is operating his art gallery through his website SKELESHA.COM

By Richard Atkinson 

Artist  Richard Atkinson

My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession. This job allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. Our dreams won't come true unless you believe in and act on them, Libra. No one else is going to do it for you. Unless you have a fairy godmother, you need to take matters into your own hands. Realize, however, that you can get there many different ways. The first step is to believe in yourself. Anything is possible. Today is a great day to let your imagination call the shots. ​  I hope we are able to work together soon! 



I am an artist that is true to my word, Whatever you ask for you get on time all the time and if the time passes for delivery you get your money back. that is my word that is my law.  I love my artwork so i take it seriously and my customer seriously also.